Private Jet Charter Rental Guide

Everything You Want To Know About Private Jet Charter - Travel in Luxury, Comfort, Privacy & Best Private Jet Charter Prices. 


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Private Jet Charter Rental Guide

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Have you ever dreamt of traveling in the highest form of luxury money can afford? If yes, you should think about a private jet charter. When you charter a private jet, you will enjoy the freedom of private aviation. Flying private remains the most luxurious, efficient, and convenient way to travel. It provides a range of benefit first class of a commercial airline can never match.   

When you fly private, it is all about you. The whole journey is customized to give you the best experience. This is a lot different from flying first class. Moreover, you will enjoy the freedom of traveling wherever you want when you charter a private jet. Without a doubt, the experience of flying a private jet is plush but it comes with other luxuries and benefits other means of travel can't match.

Flying private is easy, all you need to do is find a company that operates private jet charter rental service and you will enjoy the world of unlimited freedom. If you have the means to travel private, you need to consider private charter. This method of traveling opens up a world of opportunities and privileges. 


What is private jet charter?

Private jet charter simply means renting an entire aircraft instead of just an individual aircraft seats. When you charter a private jet, the whole journey process will be customized just for you. You can fly wherever you want with no other passenger on board except you and those you specifically choose to be on board and of course, the aircrew.

Private jet charter is awesome because it takes the stress out of traveling for leisure. To rent a private jet, you simply need to find a company that operates private jet charter rental service and you will be on your way to freedom and luxury. Using a private plane for your journey allows for luxurious comfort and complete privacy during a flight. This is something you cannot get anywhere else except if you own your own plane.


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Private Jet Charter Rate - How Much Does It Cost To Charter a Jet?

One common misconception is that most people think that private jet charter is for the Uber-rich. Unfortunately, this is not true. You might be surprised to find out what it actually cost to fly private and it is not as much as you imagined. 

What it costs to charter a jet will depend on a number of factors such as the type of jet, your destination, and the length of use. On average, hourly charter rates range from about $2200 to $8500 per flight hour. Of course, like we mentioned above, the rate varies. You will be able to determine how much it will actually cost you to fly private by using this flight calculator.

Type of Private Jet

Turbo-props -   accommodate 6-8 passengers, start at $2,200 per hour . Great solution for shorter trips.

Light Jets - accommodate 6-8 passengers, start at $2,800 per hour . Designed for shorter, regional flights.

Mid-size jets - accommodate 8-9 passengers,start at Start $4,000. Outstanding value for 4-5 hour journeys.

Super Mid-Size Jets - accommodate 10-11 passengers,start at $4,500 per hour. Ideal for cross-country or transatlantic journeys.

Heavy Jets - accommodate 13-18 passengers , start at $6,500 per hour. This is the ultimate in private air travel.


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First class vs Private Jet? What’s the best?

While flying first class provides a luxurious way to travel, it cannot be compared to private jet charter. When you fly first class, you will still have to deal with flight delays, security checks, and other things which can eat into your productive time. On the other hand, you can avoid these inconveniences when you fly private.

Private Jet Charter FalconAgain, first-class is all about the airline while the experience of flying private is customized for you. When flying first-class, you will still have to deal with privacy issues. You will be in the same cabin with other passengers looking over your shoulder.

You cannot really spend time with those that matter to you the way you want when you fly first class. Fortunately, this is something that flying private provides. You can enjoy complete privacy when you decide to fly private.

When it comes to cost, flying first-class looks more affordable. However, this is only because it lacks a lot of benefits that using private jet charter provides.

What’s The Best?

When you look at it from the cost angle, it seems like flying first class is the best choice. Unfortunately, it is not. Flying a private jet is always better because it provides more convenience, security, comfort, and other luxurious first class can't provide. Moreover, private jet comes with more amenities and more flexibility. Despite the cost of the private jet charter, it may be more economical to fly private when you take into account the value of high-level executive's time.


Benefit of flying in a private Jet Charter

Flying private has a lot of benefits. The benefits are innumerable and can't be compared to any other means of travel. Some of these benefits include but not limited to:

Luxury and Comfort

When you flying private, the entire journey will be customized to provide you the highest level of luxury and comfort. Flying private jet charter is all about you and maximizing your flight experience

 Create Your Own Schedule

You will become master of time when you fly private. You can be able to avoid long delays at the airport which can eat into your productive time. When you make use of a private plane, you can simply drive up to a small private terminal and board your plane.

Complete Privacy

Renting a private jet means you are the only passenger. Of course, you can choose whoever you want to accompany you on the journey. Moreover, you will have the privacy to do whatever you want on the air without anyone looking over your shoulder.

Private Jet Chater Time SavingAccess to More Airports

Using private jet charter rental services means you won't be limited to a number of airports you can land. You can land at airport closest to your final destination. This enables you to be more productive and get to your final destination on time.


You don't need to book your flight days before your departure. When you decide to fly a private jet, an aircraft can be made available for you with just a few hours notice.

Family Time

As a busy businessman, using private jet charter may be a great way to spend the little time you have with your family and those that truly matter to you. A private jet charter will give you privacy to have some quality family time.


What is an Empty legs flights?

Do you know that it is possible that you can book a private jet charter at up to 75% off? This is a secret that most people do not know. Empty legs flight simply means air charter service that has a one-way charter. Private jet charter rental companies don't like flying back empty. Instead of going back empty, they will allow you to book these flights at an extraordinarily low cost.

Next time you consider enjoying the luxury private charter jets provides but you are low on budget, you should consider booking empty legs flights to experience the luxury and convenience of air charter service. Click Here To Check an Empty Legs Flights!


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